Imagine a Brewery Without Spreadsheets.

Intuitive, powerful and intelligent brewery management software.

  • Recipes
  • Brew Logs
  • Inventory
  • Production

Add & Save RECIPES

Our recipe management tool is simple, powerful, and easy to use.

  • Specs

    Manage all of your recipes specifications from one tab.

  • Grain Bill

    Our large and easy to search database of grains makes it quick and easy to dial up your grain bill. Instant gravity and color calculations make dialing in your recipe a breeze.

  • Mash

    Mash whatever way you like to mash. You can add as many mash rests as your heart desires.

  • Hop Bill

    We make adjusting your hop bill so that your IBU's are palate perfect incredibly simple. Instant IBU calculations show you exactly what IBU's you will get in real time.


Tracking your brew logs just got a whole lot easier. No more finding that lost pen, drying your hands, or just overall disrupting your daily workflow. Enter all of your days data from any internet enabled device with simple button clicks.


Inventory management made easy. All of your current inventory aggregated into one easy to reason about dashboard. See what you have left, set a threshold that will send you real time notifications to let you know you're running low. We take the pain out of managing inventory levels. Any time you brew a batch, your inventory is automatically adjusted.

Generate Tax REPORTS

Tax reporting is no longer a headache with our automated TTB report. Just select your reporting period, make any needed adjustments, and generate a PDF that is ready to sign and mail in. Yes, it's really that easy.