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$500 Per Year
  • 300 bbls/year
  • All Core Features
  • Help & Support
$1,000 Per Year
  • 600 bbls/year
  • All Core Features
  • Help & Support
$1,500 Per Year
  • 1,500 bbls/year
  • All Core Features
  • Help & Support
$2,000 Per Year
  • 2,400 bbls/year
  • All Core Features
  • Help & Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe with FermentAble?

Yes of course it is! We take the security of your data very seriously. In addition to authorization and authentication based security features we also ensure that your data is backed up nightly.

What if I want to cancel?

We would be sad to see you go, but you are free to cancel any time. We bill on a month to month basis with no contracts. If you do decide to leave, we will export your data for you in a friendly CSV or Excel format so that you can take it with you.

What’s involved in setting up and how long does it take?

We have made getting start with FermentAble incredibly easy so you can get going right away. A simple 5 minutes setup process is all it takes for you to get into the software and start creating recipes. If you have a more complicated setup and need data history imported, we have setup services available. Please contact us for pricing.

Why use a web-hosted/SaaS platform (the cloud) instead of on-premise?

With a cloud based platform, all of your data is available in real time from any internet connected device. This is especially important if you are managing multiple locations. You can see in real time what is happening at any of your locations. We also have robust data backup procedures so you can be certain that your data will always be backed up and safe. With an on premise system this is something you would have to do manually.

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